CARE Award

The CARE Award recognises technologies and innovations in the area of contamination assessment and remediation of the environment, and celebrates the achievements of the winner among the industry sector and peers.


Congratulations to our winner and finalists!


2017 CARE Award winner


InSite – InTreat Water

The InTreat process removes all known PFAS compounds, at any concentration, from contaminated water to non-detect levels in discharge water, even in the presence of co-contaminants such as TSS, colloidal clay, TPH, high salinity and heavy metals.

The process is not prone to unexpected PFAS break-through due to microbiological fouling of GAC or ion exchange resin fixed bed adsorbers.

The process can be scaled to treat flows of less than 1 litre per second up to 40 litres per second continuously.

The process can be stopped and restarted at any time, without requiring a costly media replacement, and without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.


2017 CARE Award finalists


Opterra – Drone Sampler Attachment

Opterra’s Drone Sampler Attachment technology enables different types of environmental or occupational sampling equipment to be attached to a drone to enable point-of-emission, location-specific and real-time sampling and assessment of air contamination.

The attachment allows a drone to be used when multiple sampling devices are required and in place of a person in high-risk sampling situations. The attachment can handle multiple detectors or collection media, offering great versatility without the need to hire specialist individual detectors.


CRS Water – Integrated Product Recovery Coal Seam Gas Brine Treatment

Integrated Product Recovery is a sequential chemical treatment process for minimisation of the environmental, cost and legacy issues surrounding production of waste brine streams from coal seam gas extraction. This ultimately results in the recovery of saleable chemical products from a waste steam.

The treatment utilises chemical manipulation to minimise waste via selective salt recovery. Put simply, the Integrated Product Recovery system cleans up coal seam gas brine water streams to expand re-use options, completely eliminating or significantly reducing the amount of waste material requiring disposal.


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