2015 Winner

Nu-Rock Technology

Nu-Rock Technology uses multiple industrial waste streams including fly ash, steel slag, aluminium slag, sugar cane waste, mining fines, to mass-produce a variety of building products. 

CARE Award 2015 Winner: Nu Rock with Prof Ravi NaiduNu-Rock Blocks and Bricks are composed of 95% fly ash. These products require less than 2% of the energy to produce and are up to 50% cheaper for the consumer, compared to current materials. The products are superior in strength, fire ratings, and all other specifications compared to existing materials. 

Nu-Rock founder and Managing Director Maroun Rahme (pictured right) began his journey with Nu-Rock Technology well over 20 years ago. With a background as a successful architect and builder/developer, Maroun possesses a strong understanding of the physical, economic and aesthetic requirements for building materials. 

During the 20 year transition from initial concept to market reality, Maroun led Nu-Rock’s exhaustive R&D, testing and manufacturing planning process. His inspiration for the invention was ancient building material technology and a recognition that these principles could utilize waste we create to clean up the planet and build a more sustainable environment.

Congratulations to Maroun and everyone at Nu-Rock!


2015 Finalists: CitronRemtek and Geosyntec/Chevron


While working to remediate cadmium-contaminated rice land in Hunan province, China, CitronRemtek developed a soil stabilisation agent RemX using biochar as the base material with several other additive agents. RemX reduces the cadmium concentration in rice grains and immobilize Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and other heavy metals in contaminated crop and industrial land.


David Reynolds, Geosyntec, and Dave Thomas, Chevron, invented, developed and led the technology transfer of Electrokinetic-Enhanced Amendment Delivery as a remediation tool for sites where low-permeability and/or heterogeneous subsurface materials often limit the applications of hydraulic methods for amendment delivery.

Congratulations to all CARE Award Finalists! 

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