Host organisations

CleanUp 2013 will be co-hosted by CRC CARE and ALGA


The Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) was established under the Federal Government’s CRC Program in 2005 to bring together Australia’s foremost expertise in science, industry and government in a partnership for the research, development, commercialisation and extension of advanced technologies and methods for:

  • assessing contamination risks in land, groundwater and air
  • managing and/or remediating contamination
  • developing safe options for land use and the reuse of wastes on land
  • developing solutions that are acceptable to regulatory agencies and the public, and
  • capacity building.

CRC CARE brings together six Australian universities, state and Commonwealth agencies (including the Department of Defence), regulatory authorities, and a range of partners from the mining, petroleum and agricultural industries. Participants also include venture capitalists, and environmental consultants and suppliers. With and through CRC CARE, these groups collaborate on vital contamination issues and sites in the Australasian region.

CRC CARE works on real industry issues and can deliver solutions and outcomes based on the best research and evidence available. Collaboration with leading environmental research groups around the world gives the Centre direct access to the latest international scientific developments.

The Australian Remediation Industry Cluster (ARIC), an initiative of CRC CARE, provides a forum for private and public organisations to consider and address major issues that impede efficient and effective remediation of contamination. ARIC assists with and promotes communication across the industry, and provides strategic direction for the industry’s sustainable growth. The cluster also facilitates the transfer of technology and information from CRC CARE to industry and end-users.

ALGAThe Australasian Land & Groundwater Association Inc.

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association Inc. (ALGA) has a broad base of members including land owners/developers, industry, consultants, contractors, regulators, government, legal, laboratory staff, financiers, academics and more.

The core focus of the association is to support advances in the prevention, assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.


For Australia and New Zealand to lead the world in the sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater.


To provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge between people involved in the management of contaminated land and groundwater throughout the Asia Pacific.


  • Meet the evolving needs and demands of an expanding and sophisticated contaminated land and groundwater remediation industry throughout Australasia
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of people working in the contaminated land and groundwater remediation industry
  • Conserve the natural environment by preventing remediating and sustainably managing land and groundwater contamination
  • Promote the protection and enhancement of land and groundwater and maximise their value
  • Foster rational, open decision-making in protecting human health and the environment
  • Foster basic and applied research that will advance the cause of better assessment, management and remediation of land and groundwater contamination.