Technical tours

Thursday, 14 September 2017

As part of CleanUp 2017, a full-day technical tour has been made available for registered delegates. The tour will comprise two components.

1. Soil and groundwater remediation

Delegates registered for this full-day tour will visit contaminated sites undergoing assessment, remediation and/or management in Melbourne, a remediation facility, and will enjoy guided tours by local experts.

EnviroPacific Services are currently constructing a hazardous soil facility at their licensed site at Altona VIC. The soil facility will offer the contaminated land industry and broader waste market a nationally recognised outlet for their solid and liquid waste streams. The facility will be a thermal unit for the destruction of persistent organic pollutants and other compounds including chlorinated hydrocarbons and PFAS.

The tour will provide the delegates an opportunity to

  • visit and tour Victoria’s newest hazardous waste and soil facility under construction
  • walk through future waste storage sheds and observe the emission control systems before they go live
  • meet with expert thermal treatment managers
  • understand the process of thermal waste treatment.


HydroTerra will demonstrate:

  • the use of Microbial Insights for doing methodological assessment before site works; the use of a trailer-mounted SV unit; manual and automated ground gas assessment; and discussions on monitored natural attenuation.

The tour will include some of the HydroTerra speakers from the conference sessions discussing their in situ technology .

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2. Instrumentation and contaminant analysis

Delegates will visit some of the best analytical and instrumentation facilities in Melbourne and will enjoy guided tours by local experts. Tour participants will visit Agilent Technologies’ state-of-the-art  facility in Melbourne. The tour will include:

  • research and development facilities
  • an application laboratory
  • a brief history of the site, including development of atomic absorption spectrometer technology in Australia.

Then, we will visit Eurofins | mgt, a leading analytical laboratory in Melbourne. Participants will get an insight into what happens behind the scene to environmental samples from their receipt to reporting. The tour will include:

  • Full tour of the facility
  • Robotics and automation, how has this developed
  • LEAN – utilisation within the Eurofins group
  • TOF – Total OrganoFluorine, explanation from Dr Bob Symons on the methodology and instrumentation
  • Air Toxics – Demonstration on sampling and analysis of Air for TO15 analysis



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