From our CEO

On behalf of CRC CARE and the Organising Committee, I invite you to join us at Global CleanUp Events.

CRC CARE leads international CleanUp Conference series that provide a global forum to discuss all aspects of contaminated site assessment, management and remediation. The Organising Committee is preparing outstanding scientific and educational programs across the suite of conferences. The program blends research and industry best practice, drawing on experience from Australian and international markets.

With an expected attendance of over 1000 delegates across all related fields and industries, the conference presents an excellent opportunity to share expertise and make connections before, during and after the event.

We believe this conference will be a highly rewarding educational and networking experience for all.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and to contribute to the success of this special event.

We look forward to seeing you at our Cleanup events

Professor Ravi Naidu
Managing Director: CRC CARE and Chair, CleanUp Conference Series